Working on Colors n Stuff

I’ve been working, but only on and off the past week, which is why it’s been slow-going. Life gets in the way. Somebody once said that. Didn’t they? Well they was smart.

Chasing the Muse

Are these alpacas or llamas? Alpacas have more fleece, so me thinks alpacas...

Five bewildered alpacas.

Someone in a forum posted this quote from a 1942 edition of  THE ARTIST: 

So This is Done

So this is done.

Space Rabbit Ranch, oil on canvas, 16 x 20 inches.


Trust Me

The other day I was talking about re-trusting myself, as an artist that is. I don’t think about much else, so I wouldn’t know how else to apply that concept.


Since I’ve made this update on the Exodus Project blog, I don’t have much in the way of imagery, only in the way of random thoughts – but progress nonetheless.

I’m still working on Space Rabbit, and here it is as of Wednesday. (I didn’t work at all yesterday.)


It’s Something