Tweaks and Catching Up

I made a couple of blog posts over at the site over the past couple of days because I felt I was neglecting that blog, so you might want to checker out over there.

In the meantime, I’ve been busy with filling in the in-between on this 36 x 36 inch panel with a brown to white fade:


Flat is the New Black

Where’d I go? Did you miss me? I don’t even know where I was. I just know I was busy. And I’ve been nominated for a Wynn Newhouse Award.

Oh yeah, and I finished all of the watercolors for my show. That means all 11 of the little “junk” items tied to the yarn, and three kabbalah trees of life.



It’s that time of day when I start fading away.

I’ve been working on all the cut-outs for the big 36 x 36 inch panel.


What Did You Do Today?


Nobody is asking me, but me. I would like to know for my own self what I did today. I want to write it down on my blog so there’s a record of what I did on this particular day, not because today is special in any way, just because I feel like my ass is parked here in this chair and I feel like typing at the moment.

Ladder to Dad – Cross Post From

Just finished today: Ladder to Dad


This only took five and a half weeks, and it will be the biggest one in the show: 40 x 60 inches. It’s all oil on canvas. Some parts are thick with paint and some parts are flat, but I think I’m satisfied and I can move on.

I can move on and get back to work on all the other paintings and details for the show. Gosh, I’ve been so busy. And maybe spending so much time on one painting makes me feel like so many other things are passing me by, but that’s just silly thinking. Silly, silly thinking.

However, I have at least three more of these to do, and five more of the ones on wood. Think I can do that all before March? Plus the movie? Plus the rest of the watercolors?

I’ll try.

Anyway, I thought I would post progression shots of the above painting. Ready?


First I used a very, very thin acrylic wash as an undercoat.


Oil paint goes on top of all of it.


Then I render things with a tiny brush so it’s a bit more detailed.


This is the undercoat for the sky, which is a toxic oil mixture that gives me a migraine.


This is the last thing I did to it before I scratched the lines in the sky. I covered it in oil paint and semi-blended a blue and lavender sky.


Here’s the finished painting again so you don’t have to scroll up to see it.

That’s it for today. I napped for an hour afterward.

Chugging Along Part 2

Getting a lot accomplished with this one now…